sábado, 14 de febrero de 2009

Maternal exposure to folic acid antagonists and placenta-mediated adverse pregnancy outcomes


The article is called "Maternal exposure to folic acid antagonists and placenta-mediated adverse pregnancy outcomes", and was published in CMAJ in the 2 December issue.

- Taking certain drugs, known as folic acid antagonists, during pregnancy, may hamper the development of the fetus, its nervous system, cardiovascular system, urinary system, as well as cause a number of other abnormalities. Some of the drugs belonging to that class include frequently prescribed drugs in urinary infection, in Hypertension,and in some neurological diseases like epilepsy.
- This study showed that folic acid antagonists, besides the already known effects, increase the risk of other diseases during pregnancy, like pre-eclampisa, as well as problems in the placenta, problems with the growth of the fetus or even fetal death. It is therefore important that you're aware of the potencial adverse effects of folic acid antagonists. Moreover, it is therefore probable that your doctor decides to prescribe other alternative drugs.
- In case your doctor thinks it is really necessary to take these drugs during pregnancy, you may benefit from taking folic acid supplements, which is normally done in Portugal.
- This study has questioned the current classification of the Food and Drug Administration on the use of drugs during pregnancy. This classification stratifies drugs in several categories according to their greater or lesser risk to the fetus. The authors of this study consider that folic acid antagonists should be “upgraded” to a more restrictive category (please note that that they are already included in a category of drugs that should generally not be used during pregnancy).

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